In the Media

Dr. Sublett Quoted on The Today Show’s Website

Our own James Sublett, M.D., was quoted in two recent articles on The Today Show’s website regarding the spring allergy season. Not again!  Why spring allergies could be (even) worse this year 5 things you do that may make spring allergies worse

Dr. Arora Interviewed for WLEX Story on Seasonal Allergies

WLEX-TV in Lexington did a story on the upcoming spring allergy season and turned to Dr. Arora for his knowledge on allergies.

Dr. Turbyville’s Research on the Military and Stinging Insects Published

Dr. Turbyville, an Army Veteran, has recently had his research that investigates the threat of insects to U.S. Service Members serving in Afghanistan with insect venom hypsersensitivty. Allergy to stinging insects can be a real threat for service members and Dr. Turbyville’s research aims to move research forward in the field. The findings have been