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Dr. Stephen Pollard Talks COVID-19 and Allergies

Dr. Stephen Pollard sat down with Louisville News Outlet WDRB, to talk about the difference between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies. He says it’s becoming more and more common in the Louisville area to see patients who came in for allergies and found out it was really the virus. Dr. Pollard explains the differences between the

Dr. Sivam on Life.Style.Live!

Managing seasonal allergies can seem impossible this time of the year when pollen is everywhere! Dr. Anita Sivam spoke with WISHTV about treatment options and how to decide when it’s time to see an allergist. She also spoke about what you can expect during allergy skin testing and how Family Allergy & Asthma makes the

Dr. Mark Corbett talks with TODAY

This years allergy season may seem worse than it has in previous years and that’s because it is! Dr. Mark Corbett spoke with TODAY about seasonal allergies and why pollen season is lasting longer than it has in the past. “Pollen seasons are longer now, and things seem to be getting a little warmer.” Read the