Fall Allergies

7 things you should know about fall allergies and asthma

Fall allergies, while the name seems to indicate it won’t start until the leaves start turning and the weather cools down, we begin to see patients experience symptoms in late summer as early as late July. Unfortunately, ragweed pollen starts blooming in July, and it is one of the most commonly associated with allergic rhinitis

Allergy Clinic - Jonesboro

Welcome Dr. Snodgrass To The Practice!    

We are excited to announce that beginning today, July 15, 2020, Dr. Scot Snodgrass and the Allergy Clinic P.A. team will join Family Allergy & Asthma. Dr. Snodgrass’ main office is in Jonesboro, Arkansas, near St. Bernard Hospital and is our first office in the state! What Does This Mean For Current Allergy Clinic P.A.

Allergy Shot

FAQ: Allergy Shots

Many patients don’t know much about immunotherapy or allergy shots before they enter our office. Learn more about the allergy shot process!

Kenwood Office Opening

New Office Opening In Kenwood in Cincinnati, OH!

New Allergy Office Opening July 20, 2020! We are excited to announce that our Kenwood, Ohio office is officially opening next month on July 20. This office is located off E. Galbraith road on Kenwood Crossing Way and is less than a mile west of the Kenwood Towne Centre shopping mall.  On-site allergy shots will

Explaining Alpha-Gal Allergies

What Patients Should Know About Alpha-Gal Allergies

Alpha-Gal allergy has been connected to tick bites, when an allergy to red meat develops after being bit by a lone star tick.