Shelbyville Move Map

Shelbyville, Kentucky Allergy Office Moving

We’re excited to announce that on Monday, July 30th, we are moving our Shelbyville, Kentucky allergy office to a new location. Our new location is larger with more patient rooms and a larger waiting room! It is located less than a half a mile down Midland Trail in a new shopping center.  The new office

Explaining Rush Allergy Shots

Rush Immunotherapy, or “Rush Allergy Shots,” shortens the build-up phase of allergy shots. Typically this phase lasts 3-6 months; however, with Rush, the build-up phase is just 1 to 2 days.

flooded area

Flooding, Mold, and Your Allergies

Mold growth after a flood is harmful to those with mold allergies. As the floodwaters have started to recede, clean up from the recent flooding has begun across the region. Mold is a common occurrence in damps areas of the home like the basement or a bathroom. After a flood, flooded homes and cars must

Greenwood Allergy Office Front View

Allergy Office Now Open in Greenwood, Indiana

Family Allergy & Asthma’s new allergy office is now open in Greenwood, IN. This office was previously known as Adult & Pediatric Allergy Specialists.

magnolia trees blooming during spring allergy season

How to Prepare for Spring Allergies Now

During this time of year, weather throughout Kentucky and Indiana change daily. As temperatures reach above 50 degrees, plants begin to bloom and release pollen into the air. Those with seasonal spring allergies will usually start to see symptoms in early March and last through May. It’s important to start preparing for allergies now before pollen