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Welcome Dr. Snodgrass To The Practice!    

We are excited to announce that beginning today, July 15, 2020, Dr. Scot Snodgrass and the Allergy Clinic P.A. team will join Family Allergy & Asthma. Dr. Snodgrass’ main office is in Jonesboro, Arkansas, near St. Bernard Hospital and is our first office in the state! What Does This Mean For Current Allergy Clinic P.A.

FAQ: Allergy Shots

Many patients don’t know much about immunotherapy or allergy shots before they enter our office. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get from our patients. What are my treatment options for seasonal allergies? After a patient has been allergy-tested and diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, our physicians use a three-tier approach for treatment:

New Office Opening In Kenwood in Cincinnati, OH!

New Allergy Office Opening July 20, 2020! We are excited to announce that our Kenwood, Ohio office is officially opening next month on July 20. This office is located off E. Galbraith road on Kenwood Crossing Way and is less than a mile west of the Kenwood Towne Centre shopping mall.  On-site allergy shots will

What Patients Should Know About Alpha-Gal Allergies

The most common foods that cause allergic reactions in people are milk, egg, fish, wheat, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and soybeans. However, there have been reports of allergic reactions to many other types of foods, including red meat. Research shows that for a red meat allergy, unlike many food allergies, the cause can be connected

Explaining Oral Allergy Syndrome

Some people get itchiness in their mouth or throat after eating certain fruits like melon or peaches. Many would think it is a food allergy to the fruit or vegetable and believe they need to stop eating that food. However, as with all food allergies, we encourage you to seek the advice of a board-certified

How to Fight Summer Allergies

In the midwest and southern regions of the US, the weather is heating up, and the beginning of summer is quickly approaching. Allergies are usually associated with the spring or fall because pollen is active during these times and causes allergy symptoms in many people across the US. However, summer allergies are also common and

New Office Opening In Leitchfield, KY!

New Allergy Office Opening June 1st, 2020! We are excited to announce that our Leitchfield, KY office is officially opening next month on June 1st. This office is located in the new Grand Plaza retail center across from the Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center off of the William Thomason Byway near the Western KY parkway.

Dr. Turbyville Talks Alpha-Gal Allergies on KY Afield

Dr. Turbyville appeared on Kentucky Afield to talk about the Alpha-Gal allergy that is caused by ticks. While this allergy was first reported in 2008, it has likely been around longer. Those who have an alpha-gal allergy tend to have a delayed allergic reaction that occurs a few hours after beef, pork, or venison meat

Dr. Sivam Spoke to Good Housekeeping about Allergy Medications

Dr. Anita Sivam spoke with Good Housekeeping about the best allergy medications to take to ease your sniffles, sneezing, and itchy watery eyes during allergy season. Allergy season has hit, and that means allergy symptoms have returned for many. If you haven’t already started your medications, our doctors recommend you start now to help ease