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7 Apps to Help Manage Allergies and Asthma

Apps have made many things in life a easier, everything from banking to communicating and now they are taking on healthcare. When searching your smartphone’s app store you’ll likely see an overwhelming number of health-focused apps. Many of these can act as great resources to help you track your health between doctor’s appointments. Health apps are not just for counting calories and steps, many now offer better ways to check pollen counts, track your asthma, and even find ingredient information for different foods.

We’ve selected seven different apps that are great resources if you have allergies and asthma:

Allergy EatsApp Store | Google Play Store

Eating out can be difficult for those with food allergies. AllergyEats is a free iPhone and Android app that displays listings of allergy-friendly restaurants. It has reviews based on feedback from real people visiting and rating how allergy-friendly the locations are. You can find allergy-friendly restaurants, find allergen lists for individual restaurants, rate restaurants yourself, and even call directly from the app.

Allergy FTApp Store

Allergy FT is available for iPhones for $2.99, and is great when traveling. Create a profile of what allergens you are allergic to and the app will translate it so you can show a waiter when ordering. Currently, it only supports translation to French, German and Spanish, however they are working to add more languages soon.  You can create multiple profiles for you and your family members.

Auto-injector Companion Apps

Epi-PenApp Store | Google Play Store

These companion apps for auto-injectors are free and meant to help prepare for emergencies. The apps can help train and refresh you or a caregiver on how to use the auto injectors. Both apps also allow you to create allergen profiles and store emergency contacts for easy access. They can also remind you when your device is about to expire and remind you to reorder.

WebMD Allergy App Store | Google Play Store

WebMD offers a free allergy specific app that helps you prepare for the day with pollen and weather forecasts. Designed for those with outdoor, indoor, food, skin, drug, insect stings, and latex allergies, the app let’s you track symptoms and generate a report for your doctor. You can even get alerts when certain pollen counts are high. This can help you prepare for potential triggers and remind you to take your medication.

Propeller HealthApp Store | Google Play Store

Propeller Health wirelessly syncs using bluetooth connected to a sensor placed on your inhaler to help you and your physician monitor your asthma. This app is free on both the iPhone and Android app stores. It can also help remind you to take medication, record trends when you use your inhaler, and alert your physician if you are getting worse. If you are interested in getting a sensor talk to one of our physicians today or visit PropellerHealth.com to learn more.

Asthma HealthApp Store

This is a free iPhone app from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai that allows you to take part in a medical research study of asthma. It helps you track your asthma symptoms, view trends over time, view air quality, and set reminders to take medication. The app provides a way to learn more about your asthma and you can even share a summary of information with your doctor. It requires you to be over 18, to be diagnosed with asthma, and have a prescription for medication for asthma. The study has gained over 8600 participants since launching in March 2015.

Family Allergy & Asthma App Store | Google Play Store

If you are a patient of FAA then our app is a great resource! Our app is free on the iPhone and Android app stores with access to many great features. Use the app to scan in for allergy shots, view pollen counts all over Kentucky, request prescription refills or an appointment, and even pay your bill. First you’ll need access to our online patient portal then you’ll be able to use the same username and password to access information on the app. Ask one of our team members or call 800.999.1249 to gain online access.

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