Family Allergy and Asthma Milford Ohio

Allergist Office Opening in Milford, Ohio

We are excited to announce that on August 7, 2018, we will open a new office on the east side of Cincinnati in Milford. This will be our third office in the Metro Cincinnati area, joining our Florence and Newport locations. Our board-certified allergists are specially trained to diagnose and treat patients with allergies, asthma,

Shelbyville Kentucky Family Allergy & Asthma Location

Shelbyville, Kentucky Allergy Office Moving

We’re excited to announce that on Monday, July 30th, we are moving our Shelbyville, Kentucky allergy office to a new location. Our new location is larger with more patient rooms and a larger waiting room! It is located less than a half a mile down Midland Trail in a new shopping center.  The new office

How Rush Allergy Shots Work - Family Allergy and Asthma

Explaining Rush Allergy Shots

Rush Immunotherapy, or “Rush Allergy Shots,” shortens the build-up phase of allergy shots. Typically this phase lasts 3-6 months; however, with Rush, the build-up phase is just 1 to 2 days.

Flooding, Mold and your allergies - Family Allergy and Asthma

Flooding, Mold, and Your Allergies

Mold growth after a flood is harmful to those with mold allergies. As the floodwaters have started to recede, clean up from the recent flooding has begun across the region. Mold is a common occurrence in damps areas of the home like the basement or a bathroom. After a flood, flooded homes and cars must

Greenwood Indiana Family Allergy and Asthma

Allergy Office Now Open in Greenwood, Indiana

Family Allergy & Asthma’s new allergy office is now open in Greenwood, IN. This office was previously known as Adult & Pediatric Allergy Specialists.